Who is Ataturk

Who is Ataturk

Churchill himself said "Once in every century, a true genius emerges. Unfortunately for us, he's in Turkey." He was, of course, referring to Atatürk.

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk: Renowned as “the founder of modern Turkey,” Ataturk led the successful repulse of the British invasion of Gallipoli (1915) and commanded in the Caucasus and Palestine.

Larry Mcdonald say:
As a Greek,I came to pay my respects to Mustafa Kemal.The man was a visionary, immediately after the Greco-Turkish war, he worked for a prosperous coexistence with respect to human rights.Venizelos & Ataturk held many bilateral summits and Venizelos even proposed Kemal Atatürk for the Peace Nobel prize. Worthnoting,their personal memoirs show how much they strived for egaliterian, cardial & prosperous ties.His work his highly respectable in Greece regarding raising literacy rate,standards of living, gender equality & human rights.There is a reason his birth house in Thessaloniki or Selanik(in Turkish) has never been vandalized. Greeks & Turks were living very good in the 1923-1940 years.After WWII, the Nationalists won the Greek civil war and the far-right junta toppled the centrist government and Greeks' sentiment rose to all-time highs. In Parallel, in Turkey the Grey Wolves arose & Islamists held power since mid 1990s.Today's politicians don't have a vision like Venizelos & Atatürk , they just put the people in front and then flip-flop on Thrace,Cyprus, EEZ, rocks in the Aegean etc... Unfortunately, I believe today's CHP is not the one Atatürk created and doesn't have any vision or following their founding ideals. Venizelos' party Enosis Kentrou is dismantled and half the parties claim him, but they are rotten with corruption.

Fatih Furkan Çambel

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