Most common and popular layout types

Most common and popular layout types

Certainly! Here are 20 of the most common and popular layout types used in front-end development:

  1. Fixed Header with Content Scroll: A layout with a fixed header at the top and content that scrolls beneath it.

  2. Full-Screen Background Image/Video: A layout that displays a full-screen background image or video with content overlaid on top.

  3. Sidebar with Main Content: A layout with a sidebar navigation menu and the main content displayed next to it.

  4. Hero Banner with Call to Action: A layout featuring a large, attention-grabbing hero banner at the top with a prominent call-to-action button.

  5. Grid or Card-Based Layout: A responsive layout that organizes content elements in a grid or card format.

  6. Tabbed Interface: A layout that uses tabs to organize and switch between different sections of content.

  7. Sticky/Fixed Sidebar: A layout with a sidebar that remains fixed as the user scrolls through the content.

  8. Centered Content: A layout that centers the content both vertically and horizontally on the page.

  9. Multi-Column Layout: A layout with multiple columns to present content side by side.

  10. Off-Canvas Menu: A layout where the main navigation menu is hidden and slides in from the side when activated.

  11. Collapsible/Accordion Sections: A layout that allows sections of content to expand and collapse to save space.

  12. Carousel/Slider: A layout that displays a rotating set of content or images in a slideshow format.

  13. Footer with Sticky Navigation: A layout with a sticky navigation bar at the bottom (footer) of the page.

  14. One-Page Scrolling: A layout that presents all the content on a single page, with smooth scrolling between sections.

  15. Magazine/Newspaper Layout: A layout inspired by print publications, with multiple columns, grids, and typography variations.

  16. Fixed Width Layout: A layout with a fixed width that remains constant regardless of the screen size.

  17. Floating/Fixed Action Button: A layout with a floating button that remains visible and accessible while scrolling.

  18. Mega Menu: A layout that displays a large drop-down menu with multiple levels of navigation and content.

  19. Image Gallery/Portfolio Layout: A layout designed to showcase images or a portfolio of projects in a visually appealing manner.

  20. Stepped/Progressive Layout: A layout that guides the user through a step-by-step process or workflow.

These layout types are commonly used in front-end development and can serve as a starting point for various web projects. Remember to adapt and customize them based on your specific requirements and design preferences.

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